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Hello, my name is Jan. I am a student of MUNI, Faculty of Informatics. I have been keen on information technologies since I was born, it is my hobby, my field of study and it is an essential part of my life. I am an admirer of inovation, new applications and I have a keen eye for details.


I come from a small village in eastern Bohemia called Velký Dřevíč. I moved to Brno for study purposes and it looks like I will stay here <3. I like spending time with community which I found at internet game. Although I do not actively play computer games anymore I managing server with some web and voice services for them. I also like reading books about programming or agile development.

  • Fullname: Bc. Jan Stárek
  • Birth Date: February 14, 1995
  • Job: student
  • Email: starek-jan@starekit.cz


I think my advantage is that I always tried new technologies. As a result, I have a fair overview of different operating systems, frameworks and other technologies. I adapt fairly quickly to new situations which can occur in IT development. Below you can see technologies which are closer to me right now.

  • 85%
    C# .NET
  • 60%
  • 50%
  • 70%
  • 60%
    Web technologies

Let me tell you something more.

I started studying information technologies at the high school in Dobruška. Then I successfully graduated at BUT with Dean's Award. Now I am studying at MUNI, Faculty of Informatics.

Work Experience

IT Developer - intern

July 2018 - September 2018

SolarWinds #2

I really liked my first internship in SolarWinds. So when I got call if I want to go again on internship, I said yes. I switch from development for UNIX systems to development for Windows. I was working on .NET project which basically implements advanced NetFlow collector and generate statistics. In additional, it was a pleasure to be in winning team of SolarWinds intern hackathon event.

IT Developer - intern

July 2017 - September 2017

SolarWinds #1

I was at SolarWinds on a summer internship. I worked on a cross-platform and cross-architecture application which collects data from host devices and sends them to a server application. I learned how continuous integration should work on a big project and how such project should be managed. I was developing an end to end tests in C# and some shell scripts for Linux and AIX systems.

IT Developer - intern

March 2017 - June 2017

Y Soft

This is the company where I made my Bachelor thesis about development technologies for wearables. I developed applications for Android and Apple watches for YSoft SafeQ system which is a system for printing management. Most of the code was written in C# and Swift. You can find more information in the text of my thesis (written in the Czech language).

Customer Care Specialist T2

June 2015 - November 2015

AVG Technologies

My first IT job was in AVG Technologies. I worked there as a Customer care specialist in the second tier. It was a middle tier in customer support services so my job was mostly investigating installation and other logs and finding a root cause of customer issue.


Applied Informatics

February 2018 - Present

Masaryk University [Master Degree]

Now I am studying at FI MUNI in Brno for a Master degree.

Information Technology

September 2014 - June 2017

Brno university of technology [Bachelor Degree]

Three years on FIT VUT gave me a lot of experience with different fields of information technologies. I learned a lot of new things about both hardware and software. I did many school projects which trained my developer skills and gave me a wider overview of information technologies.

Information Technology

September 2010 - July 2014

SPŠ el-it Dobruška

The high school in Dobruška gave me basics of networking and managing Linux operating systems. I also did some basic web applications connected to the database.


Check Out Some of My Projects.

All my public projects are stored on GitHub. Feel free to contribute to any project you like.


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